Allow p2p identity verification

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These days I was thinking about the idea to use civic to verify users identity in bisq.io plataform. Bisq is not a company, it's a p2p exchange with open source code.

There are discussion about how to prevent scammers on the plataform. See:

1- https://bisq.community/t/new-requirement-for-payment-accounts-with-charge-back-risk/2376/82?u=leo

2- Full discussion: https://bisq.community/t/new-requirement-for-payment-accounts-with-charge-back-risk/2376

3- Opened issue to use civic: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq-desktop/issues/1524

I can see that civic doesn't alllow the verification of users identity by p2p. For ex: I think every person that download civic app should be able to add their identity and have a qrcode. So others people could scan this qrcode and receive the informations of that user. So I could confirm the identity of anyone who I'm able to scan the qrcode.

I think in this way, bisq software could integrate civic and let users of the plataform be able to verify users identity and not be scammed by fake users with fake identities.


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